Dental Technology

Dental Technology plays an important role in our practice. Digital imaging tools and computerized charting systems help us communicate with our patients and support the examination and treatment planning process.

Dental Technology Systems that we use in our practice include:

  • Digital Radiography requires less x ray radiation than traditional film and allows us to display your x rays on a computer monitor. We use imaging software to zoom in to highlight any areas of concern and share information with you about your oral health.
  • Computerized Charting and record-keeping systems give us the ability to retrieve your digital dental record quickly, as well as give us tools to compare historical information to track healing and response to treatment over time.
  • Intraoral Cameras & Digital Photography are excellent technologies to help us review our findings with you. Using macro photography and small intraoral cameras that are about the size of a toothbrush, we are able to capture magnified pictures of your teeth and display them on screen so you can see what Dr. Zanthos sees.
  • CEREC® Digital Dentistry. Using patented CEREC® CAD-CAM technology, Dr. Zanthos is able to provide custom crowns and bridges in a single appointment. CEREC® dentistry uses a digital scanning process, so there are no messy dental impressions and no hassles with temporaries.

We invite you to contact us to schedule a complete dental examination so you can see the benefits of today’s dental technology firsthand!

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